Hilton Head Communities: Three Things That Make Them Special

People’s taste in real estate varies as much as their taste in clothing. A house or region that is one person’s dream may be another person’s nightmare. Nevertheless, some residential areas tend to be more sought after than others. As Hilton Head real estate brokers can tell you, these beautiful communities comprise one the most desirable areas in the U.S.

What Makes the Island Special?

Hilton Head is one of the most classy coastal regions in the world. Comprised of neighborhoods that offer various forms of recreation and different paces of life, the island has something for almost everyone, but there are certain things for which people flock to the island: golf, privacy, and natural scenery.


Golf is to South Carolina as football is Green Bay, Wisconsin. Whether you want to enjoy a private golf course as a member of a country club, or plan to tee off on a public course as a vacationer, the island has several private and public world class golf courses. If golf defines your free time, moving to the island – or at least vacationing there – should be on your list of priorities.


Some Hilton Head communities are tourist hubs, while others have as much privacy as you would find anywhere besides the North or South Pole. Imagine having a home in a gated neighborhood that accessed a private, tide controlled canal system – a residence where your neighbors were hidden away by layers of lush greenery. If you’d like to enjoy this type of privacy daily, ask professional real estate brokers about properties in the Wexford area.

Natural Scenery

The island offers vistas of sun drenched bays, views to salt water lagoons, and strips of private coastline where gull cries and sea murmurs are the only sounds. Spanish moss hangs from stately trees that surround plantation homes, recalling memories of the traditional South, and the white sand beach is almost blinding in the sun. To wax less poetic, the island is replete with scenery that you can’t find just everywhere. If you like the natural, coastal scenery of the South, Hilton Head is a great place to be.

If golf, privacy, and natural scenery are three of your loves, you should consider Hilton Head communities as prime destinations for relocation or vacation. To learn more about the unique aspects of this wonderfully created masterpiece, consult with Hilton Head real estate brokers today.